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Welcome to CIPM e-Repository of Research Publications

The CIPM e-repository is a comprehensive digital platform that encompasses various types of resources related to human resource management (HRM). Here are the key components covered by the CIPM e-repository:

  • 1. National Survey Reports: The e-repository includes national survey reports that provide insights into HRM practices, trends, and challenges within Sri Lanka. These reports often contain valuable data and analysis related to workforce management, attraction and retention, challenges and prospects, compensation and benefits, and other HRM areas.
  • 2. Proceedings of the CIPM International Research Symposium: The e-repository features the proceedings of the CIPM International Research Symposium. This symposium brings together researchers, scholars, and HRM professionals from around the world to share their research findings, discuss emerging trends, and explore innovative HRM practices. The proceedings contain scholarly papers and presentations on a wide range of HRM topics.
  • 3. Case Studies from Leading Industrial Organizations: The e-repository includes case studies that showcase HRM practices and initiatives implemented by leading industrial organizations. These case studies provide real-world examples of successful HRM strategies, organizational development, talent management, employee relations, and other HRM-related subjects. They serve as valuable resources for HRM practitioners, researchers, and students.
  • 4. Bi-Annual Journal of HRM Perspectives: The e-repository hosts the bi-annual journal of HRM perspectives. This journal publishes scholarly articles, research papers, and thought leadership pieces from HRM experts and academics. It covers various aspects of HRM, including strategic HRM, organizational behavior, performance management, employee well-being, diversity and inclusion, HR technology, and more. The journal provides a platform for sharing cutting-edge research and insights in the field of HRM.

Overall, the CIPM e-repository is a rich source of information for professionals, researchers, and students interested in HRM. It offers a wide range of resources, including national survey reports, symposium proceedings, case studies, and a bi-annual journal, enabling access to diverse perspectives and knowledge in the field of HRM.

President’s Message

We are delighted to announce that the CIPM e-Repository of Research Studies is now open and accessible to all authorized individuals within our organization. This is an important milestone that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our human resources processes, allowing us to better serve our members, students, and HR practitioners.

Mr. Ken Vijayakumar
President, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management

Chairperson’s Message

The CIPM e-Repository serves as a comprehensive repository for research scholars, CIPM members, HR Practitioners and students who engage in research studies. By centralizing this vital repository, we aim to build up research culture in the field of HRM.
We encourage all members, students, HRM research scholars and HR stakeholders to make full use of this valuable resource. The HR e-repository is designed to empower you with greater control over your HR-related activities and contribute to the overall success.

Prof. Prasadini Gamage
Chairperson, Standing Committee on National HR Data Hub with Research and Development Capabilities - CIPM Sri Lanka

Case Studies from Leading Companies in Sri Lanka