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What PMS offers

  • Consultancy and HR Services

  • Corporate Training Workshop and seminars

  • Professional Headhunting & Recruitment Outsourcing Services

  • Facility Management / Hall Hiring

  • Leadership Academy

  • Assessment Centre

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Greetings from CIPM !

It’s Our Pleasure to Introduce Extended Services of the Consultancy Unit of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM). We, at CIPM offer an Exciting Range of Consultation Services that Enhance the Value of People, Inculcate the Learning Culture and Encourage Global Intellectual Thinking. We Emphasis on Constantly Advancing the Development of people for the Benefit of the Individual, Employer and the organization at large.

The Consultancy Unit Comprises a team of experienced HR Management Consultants and Professionals to Provide the Vast Array of Services to Provide Solutions to Management Requirements at any Organizational Level.


Our Services Include

We are Well Geared to Offer Services Such as

  • Developing and Implementing HR Strategy
  • HR Audits Conducted by Certified HR Auditors
  • HR Systems, Processes, Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Issues
  • Recruitment, Selection and Retention
  • HR Planning/Design HR Policy
  • Management Practices and Management Development Programs
  • Talent Management
  • Time Management
  • Industrial Law and Governance
  • Performance Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Training and Development
  • Employment Law
  • Employee Climate/Attitude Surveys, Salary Surveys
  • Conducting Psychometric Tests
  • Human resource Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Institutional development and Organizational strengthening (IDOS)

The Consultancy Unit comprises a team of experienced HR, Management Consultants and professionals.  For any of your Management and HR Consultancy requirements, call us today to discuss how we can help you to look at your HR function with a new vision.

Our Services can be personalized and customized depending on the clients need.

Team Credentials

Being the national center of Human Resource Management, the CIPM is anchored well among the community of Human Resource Management professionals in Sri Lanka. The CIPM has a pool of consultants comprising HR and Management professionals and alumni who assist the institute in its activities.

  • We have over 50+ Consultants chosen from our membership who are experienced in HR related functions.
  • Retain consultants to front end specific assignments who best fit with industry experience and scope.
  • Monitored /Coordinated by the CIPM Secretariat to ensure deliverables.
  • Ethics and Accountability Institutionalized


Consultant Directory


1 Mr.Ajith de Costa Lead Consultant
2 Mr.Chandrasiri Gannile Lead Consultant
3 Mr.Denuka Perera Lead Consultant
4 Mr.Dhammika Fernando  Lead Consultant
5 Mr.Dillon Gomez Lead Consultant
6 Mr.G. Weerathunga Lead Consultant
7 Mr.Jagath Karunathilaka Lead Consultant
8 Mr.Jayanath Abeywardena  Lead Consultant
9 Mr.Jayanta Jayaratna Lead Consultant
10 Dr.Jayantha Pathiratne Lead Consultant
11 Mr.Ken Vijayakumar  Lead Consultant
12 Mr.Lakshmi De Zoysa Lead Consultant
13 Mr. Manone Perera  Lead Consultant
14 Dr.Neil Bogahalanda  Lead Consultant
15 Mr.Priyal Perera  Lead Consultant
16 Mr.Senaka Muhandiramge Lead Consultant
17 Mr.Sirimal Constantine  Lead Consultant
18 Dr.Thampoe Mangaleswaran Lead  Consultant 
19 Mr.K. A. Thomasena  Lead Consultant
20 Mr.U. A. C. Obeyesekere Lead Consultant



Updated on 07 July 2020.

1 Mr.Anura Pandithage  Associate Consultant 
2 Mr.Athula Amarasena  Associate Consultant 
3 Cap. Athula Senerath  Associate Consultant 
4 Mrs.Dilrukshi Rajapakse  Associate Consultant 
5 Mrs.Erin Jesudasan  Associate Consultant 
6 Mrs.Indika Abeysuriya  Associate Consultant 
7 Mrs.Kanchana Mendis  Associate Consultant 
8 Mr.R. C. Keerthipala Alwis  Associate Consultant 
9 Mr.Kumar Kirinde  Associate Consultant 
10 Mr.Lalith Edirisinghe  Associate Consultant 
11 Mr. M. W. N. Ferdinando Associate Consultant 
12 Mr. Meditha Karunathilaka Associate Consultant 
13 Mrs.Menuka Samarajeewa  Associate Consultant 
14 Mr.Nujani Lakmini Rajapaksha  Associate Consultant 
15 Major(Rtd) Prasanna D. Liyanage  Associate Consultant 
16 Mrs.Primrose Mascarenhas Associate Consultant 
17 Mr. Ranjith Maliqaspe Korale Associate Consultant 
18 Mr.S. K. Rathnasooriya Associate Consultant 
19 Col.Saman Jayawickrama  Associate Consultant 
20 Mrs.Shalika Hewawickrama Associate Consultant 
21 Mr.Shanaka Fernando Associate Consultant 
22 Mrs.Tharanga Samarakkody Associate Consultant 
23 Mr. Thilak Devendra Associate Consultant 
24 Wing Commander (Rtd) Thivanka P.C. Obeysekara  Associate Consultant 
25 Ms. W. S. M. Sudharshani Wijesinghe  Associate Consultant 
26 Mrs.Viroshini S. C. Vithanage Associate Consultant 
27 Mrs. Udani I Jayamaha  Associate Consultant 



Updated on 07 July  2020.

Ms. B. I. Buddhima Gardiewasam Research Assistant
Mr. Dharshana S. Seneviratne Research Assistant
Ms. Mahesha Alwis Research Assistant
Ms. Radhika Lalani Perera Research Assistant
Ms. Rajini Piushani Kannangara Research Assistant

Updated on 07 July 2020.

Ms. H. W. Lasantha Abeysiri Certified HR Auditor
Ms. K. V. Marage Certified HR Auditor
Ms. F. Marina Anver Certified HR Auditor
Mr. A. Sushantha De Alwis Certified HR Auditor
Mr. Vajira Perera Certified HR Auditor
Mr. G. P. C. W. Wickramathunga Certified HR Auditor
Mr. S. N. W. M. Wijerathna Banda Certified HR Auditor

Updated on 07 July 2020.

Certified HR Auditors

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Indika Wijayasriwardana (Mr.)

Head of Event Management and PMS Division.

  • +94 71 400 7050
  • +94 112 199 988 (Ext.254)
  • +94 11 28102961
  • +94 112 819 988
  • [email protected]

Thushany Madawala (Ms.)

Executive – Consultancy and HR Services

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