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The Power of Mobile Banking: How to Profit from the Revolution in Retail Financial Services
Book by Sankar Krishnan
Analytics and Dynamic Customer Strategy: Big Profits from Big Data
Book by John F. Tanner
World Class Communication: How Great CEOs Win with the Public, Shareholders, Employees, and the Media
Book by Ken Scudder and Virgil Scudder
Markets Never Forget (But People Do): How Your Memory Is Costing You Money--And Why This Time Isn't Different
Book by Kenneth L. Fisher, Lara Hoffmans
Sustainability Policy: Hastening the Transition to a Cleaner Economy
Book by Alison Miller, Steven A. Cohen, and William Eimicke
Applied Research Methods in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Book by Kathleen Hale and Mitchell Brown
Lead the Work: Navigating a World Beyond Employment
Book by David Creelman, John Boudreau, and Ravin Jesuthasan
The Rise of the Platform Marketer: Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms
Book by Craig Dempster and John Lee
People-Centric Skills: Interpersonal and Communication Skills for auditors and business professionals
Book by Danny M. Goldberg and Manny Rosenfeld
Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth
Book by Val Wright
Heuristics in Analytics: A Practical Perspective of What Influences Our Analytical ...
Book by Carlos Andre Pinheiro and Fiona McNeill
Building an Innovative Learning Organization: A Framework to Build a Smarter Workforce, Adapt to Change, and Drive Growth
Book by Russell Sarder
The Employee Experience: How to Attract Talent, Retain Top Performers, and Drive Results
Book by Matthew Wride and Tracy Maylett
Smart Green: How to Implement Sustainable Business Practices in Any Industry - and Make Money
Book by Jonathan Estes
Smart Green: How to Implement Sustainable Business Practices in Any Industry - and Make Money
Book by Jonathan Estes
Chasing Youth Culture and Getting it Right: How Your Business Can Profit by Tapping Today's Most Powerful Trendsetters and Tastemakers
Book by Tina Wells
The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success
Book by Rich Karlgaard
Supply Chain as Strategic Asset: The Key to Reaching Business Goals
Book by Vivek Sehgal