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CMI Diploma in Professional Consulting

CMI Diploma in Professional Consulting


CMI Diploma in Professional Consulting is a unique programme offered by the Chartered Management Institute UK (CMI) in partnership with CIPM Sri Lanka.

For Whom

• For professionals from any discipline - HR Managers, Consultants, Finance Managers, Marketing Managers,     Production Managers, Engineers, Scientists, etc.
• For professionals closer to their retirement age and looking forward to work as consultants
• For practicing management consultants seeking to acquire a world renowned qualification in consultancy
• For aspiring senior management consultants and anyone interested to develop their career in consultancy

CMI Diploma in Professional Consulting is a unique programme offered by the Chartered Management
Institute UK (CMI) in partnership with CIPM Sri Lanka.

This is a timely professional development initiative that is aimed at equipping independent consultants as well as those professionals who are thinking of embracing a career in consulting by imparting them with contemporary knowledge,
skills and tools in strategic consulting. The programme will teach you how to leverage your existing skills to become a credible consultant and assist you in upgrading your professional consulting capabilities to serve clients better and help address their business challenges prudently.

Upon successful completion of the curriculum, you will be able to demonstrate professional consulting skills, enabling you to build a credible and solutions-driven consulting practice whilst helping your clients to successfully distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace and advance their organizational practices towards greater success.



  • Principles of Professional Consulting
  • Leadership in professional consulting
  • Practice of professional consulting
  • Leading innovation and change through professional consulting
  • Personal and professional development for professional consultants
  • Professional consulting expertise
  • Delivering client requirements through professional consulting

NEW COMMENCEMENT : 19th January 2022

For registration/details, contact:
Chandima: 0777 802 901 | Thiloka: 0703 655 755 | Vasana: 0716 337 607

  • • Upon successful completion of their qualification, learners are able to progress to further learning within the suite of Level 7 Qualifications in Professional Consulting - i.e. completing an Award and topping-up to Extended Diploma.
    • The programme is evaluated through continuous assessments and there will be no examinations.
    • Learners will become CMI Affiliate Members during the duration of the programme which provides full access to all CMI member benefits and services.
    • Learners can elevate into global consultancy standards and compete in international market and forge effective, long-standing global client relationships.
    • Learners can exploit the consultancy opportunities that could emerge due to Colombo Port City Projects.
    • Learners can progress onto the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) Award upon the successful completion of the programme.


  • CIPM Member :  Rs.300,000/-
  • Non-Member: Rs. 345,000/-
  • Payment can be payable in installments


  • 8 Months (33 Weeks / Total 200 Learning Hours)