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"Winning the Prestigious HR Crown"- Chartered Qualification in HRM

Chartered Intermediate in Human Resource Management (CIHRM) is the intermediate stage of the Chartered Qualification in HRM. You will gain more maturity by increasing your learning curve. Once you have completed CIHRM, you will arrive at your final destination which is the Chartered Final level, from where you will walk towards your crowning moment. More advanced knowledge with a research and the prestigious “Chartered Crown” is yours.


• MBA HRM/MSc HRM • PQHRM CIPM • HR Professional

Programme Structure – Core Competencies

  • HRM and Administrative Expertise
  • Professional Credibility
  • Business Acumen
  • Entrepreneurial Expertise
  • Strategic Leadership and Navigation
  • Sustainability Focus
  • Capability Building and Enhancement
  • Performance Driven
  • Digital Expertise
  • Change Management


CQHRM Final – Online Mode
  • Date : 30 January 2022,   Day: Sunday ,  Time:  9.00am – 4.00pm,  Medium : English.

  • Date : 22 January 2022,   Day: Saturday ,  Time:  9.00am – 4.00pm,  Medium : English.

  • Date : 25 January 2022,   Day: Tue & Wed ,  Time:  5.30pm - 8.30pm ,  Medium : English.


Colombo Ms. Pabodi 070 1788069 | 0112199988 [email protected]
Mr. Shakthidharan 070 1788066 | 011-2199988 [email protected]
Galle Ms. Chanu 070 1788075 | 091 2231116 [email protected]
Kurunegala Ms. Chathurika 070 1788073 | 037 2231990 [email protected]
Kandy Ms. Farwin 0702 703622 | 081 2238031 [email protected]


  • PQHRM SL - I  OR  CIHRM qualified Student.


  • PQHRM qualified Student
  • 10 years experience in HR, of which 3 years or more should be at senior management level plus an MBA/ Masters in any discipline with one HR/HCM module
  • NDHRM with 8 years managerial expereinces in HR


LKR 105,000

(Exemption fee will be added)
  • Discounted Course fee for PQHRM Graduates - LKR 70,000
  • 60 Months Monthly Repayment Facility Available


  • Exempted Students (PQHRM/ Master in HRM)– 6 months
  • Others – 7.5 Months + Research Report

Easy Payment Scheme


  • Anjana                  076 707 2237
  • Lahiru                  077 780 6015
  • Sandakelum      076 289 6654


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    What does CQHRM stand for?

  • Chartered Qualification in Human Resource Management (CQHRM)

2.   Why CQHRM? Why doesn’t CIPM continue with PQHRM?

  • With IPM elevated to Chartered status, We at CIPM, carefully considered the current climate of HR education to understand the needs of our country in upgrading professional education in Human Resource Management. Thus, the CQHRM programme was introduced as a new professional study programme.

3.    Is CQHRM more advanced than PQHRM

  • Yes

4.    I have successfully completed PQHRM. With the introduction of CQHRM, will the recognition of my qualification be undermined?

  • CIPM Sri Lanka had been conducting the NDHRM (National Diploma in HRM) from the 1980s up to 2005. With new market demands, CIPM introduced the PQHRM programme in 2005 as an advanced version of NDHRM. Large numbers of students obtained the PQHRM qualification. The new CQHRM programme will give students a new experience in pursuing  a globally-oriented learning curve leading to the Charted Qualification in HRM.

5. I have successfully completed PQHRM. How can I apply for CQHRM programme?

6.    What is the duration of the CQHRM Programme?

  • 3 Years including Assessments

7.    What is the composition of the CQHRM Composite Model?

  • Four (4) Levels

8.    What are those levels?

  1. Advanced Certificate in HRM (ACHRM)
  2. Diploma in Professional HRM (DPHRM)
  3. Chartered Intermediate in HRM (CIHRM)
  4. Chartered Qualification in HRM (CQHRM)

9.    What is the duration of each level?

  1. Advanced Certificate in HRM – 3.5 Months
  2. Diploma in Professional HRM – 11 Months
  3. Chartered Intermediate in HRM – 11 Months
  4. Chartered Qualification in HRM – 10.5 Months-with Research Report (without Research 7.5 months)

10.    What are the entry qualifications?

  • Advanced Certificate in HRM
    1. CIPM, FCHRM
    2. 3 Passes at the GCE A/L
    3. Undergraduates
    4. 6 Passes at the GCE O/L and one year’s working experience
    5. Students following any other professional qualification, acceptable to CIPM
  • Diploma in Professional HRM
    2. HRM/HCM Undergraduates
    3. GCE A/L and one-year’s executive-level experience
    4. GCE O/L and 5 years’ executive-level working experience
    5. All those with Managerial experience
    6. Graduate from a UGC recognized University
    7. Full Professional qualification from a professional Institute accepted by CIPM
  • Chartered Intermediate in HRM
    1. Diploma in Professional HRM (DPHRM)
    2. Degree with HRM
    3. MBA/MSc with one HR module and experience
    4. Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management with three years HR experience
  •  Chartered Qualification in HRM
    1. PQHRM, CIPM
    2. PQHRM Strategic Level-I / CIHRM
    3. MBA HRM/MSc HRM
    4. 10 years experience in HR, of which 3 years or more should be at senior management level plus an MBA/ Masters in any discipline with one HR/HCM module

11.  What is the course fee for new CQHRM programme?

  • LKR 350,000/=

12. What is the course fee of each level?

  1. Advanced Certificate in HRM – LKR 48,000
  2. Diploma in Professional HRM – LKR 100,000
  3. Chartered Intermediate in HRM – LKR 97,000
  4. Chartered Qualification in HRM – LKR 105,000

13. Can existing students be transferred to the new programme?

  • Yes

14.  What is the method?

  • Please refer page annexure 01 herewith

15.  How many subjects are included in the CQHRM?

  • 98 Subjects spread across each level and each competency

16.  What is the uniqueness of the CQHRM?

  1. A composite model
  2. Chartered Qualification with a distinct difference
  3. 10 Competencies
  4. subjects are mapped to the competencies
  5. correlation between the competencies, and core behaviours
  6. Credit workout and mapping with Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF)
  7. A comprehensive syllabus outline


17.  How many assessments are included in the CQHRM?

  1. Advanced Certificate in HRM – 3
  2. Diploma in Professional HRM - 13
  3. Chartered Intermediate in HRM - 13

Chartered Qualification in HRM – 12

Total – 41

Please refer page annexure 02 herewith


18.  Should a student possess working experience to obtain the CQHRM qualification?

  • Yes.02 years’ experience in HRM function with at least one Key Result Areas(KRA) in HRM

19.   Up to what level can I complete without work experience?

  • CIHRM Level

20.   How many years of experience?

  • Students on acquiring two years’ experience in HRM covering at least ONE KRA (specialized) will receive the Chartered Qualification in HRM.

21.    How many exit points are included in the CQHRM?

  • Two Exits

22.  At what level can students exit in the CQHRM?

  • ACHRM Level
  • DPHRM Level

23.  Does the CQHRM include exemption procedures?

  • Yes

24.     Can degree holders apply for exemptions?

  • Yes

25.  What is the medium of instruction? Can I follow CQHRM in the Sinhala medium?

English medium.

ACHRM and DPHRM  (1st Level and 2nd Level) programmes can be followed in Sinhala medium.

 1.    A Comparison of PQHRM and CQHRM

Common Questions

1.      Which is the better programme? Is it old programme or new programme?

With current trends and market demands, the curriculum should be upgraded. The CQHRM programme comes with better syllabus content which caters to new market demands. It leads to Chartered HR qualification. This is the  first Chartered HR qualification in the Asia Pacific Region.

2.      On completion of CQHRM, is membership at CIPM automatic? If so at what level?

CQHRM qualified students are eligible for Affiliate Membership. They should forward the duly filled membership application with relevant documents. To apply for Associate membership, student must have CQHRM with three years Executive level experience.

3.      What are the universities that accept PQHRM/CQHRM for their MBA programmes?

  • Salford University (UK)
  • Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM)
  • Open University
  • Colombo University (With Experience)
  • Northumbria University (UK)
  • University of Wolverhampton (UK)

4.      What avenues are available at CIPM for higher studies?

  • Chartered Qualification in HRM
  • Master’s in HRM,
  • bachelor in HRM

5.      Are educational loans available for me to complete CQHRM?

YES (Letters can be issued at the request of students). Further Credit cards facilities from leading banks also available.

6.      What are my career prospects after completing CQHRM?

After completing the ACHRM, which is the first step in CQHRM programme, students can become a trainee or Intern ina selected organization. With progression within the course structure to DPHRM and CIHRM, students will enhance their professional outlook and thereafter clinch the Chartered Qualification in HRM.  The corporate world will recognize the Chartered HR Qualification, which will make Chartered Graduates an automatic choice for selection to HRM jobs.

7.      Can I get my employer to sponsor me for CQHRM?

Yes, a fair number of our students has obtained sponsorship from their employer. You may receive sponsorship in keeping with you Organisational policies. In certain state/private  sector Organisations, this is an essential prerequisite for the career advancement of HR professionals.

8.      Will there be a convocation to award my CQHRM?

Yes, all CQHRM passed-finalists will be awarded their qualification at the annual CIPM Graduation. Customarily held at the most prestigious venue location, BMICH,

9.      What if I fail a subject? Can I re-sit? Is there a time limit?

Yes, the student can re-sit the examination. A student should complete all academic requirements within five years from the commencement date.

10. How about library  facilities

Library (1knoowledge Centre) facilities are available in all branches. The quality of our faculty and the other facilities are available including where they can follow CQHRM.

11.  What is the future of HRM

The world of work is changing due to a rise in remote working, gig economy projects and free lancing, there is a generational switch, which is changing the way we view our roles at work and in society as a whole.

Thus, the curriculum should continuously be updated in line with market and societal demands. With COVID19 whole world is experiencing a paradigm shift which is  ‘New Normal’. Thus, HR professionals will experience greater challenges in this uncertainty times. The demand for qualified HR professionals will rapidly increase, thus the CQHRM is the answer to aspiring future HR professionals.

12.  Annexure 01

13.                       Annexure  02