HR Analytics Forum with Industry HR Professionals

HR Analytics forum was held on 12th June 2019 with the participation of 25 industry professionals.  There were HR Professionals from Leading companies like Sampath Bank, Virtusa,  Loadstar, Airtel, Coca Cola, Union Assurance, Hsenid, Kentridge, etc. The purpose of said forum was to involve HR professionals in the industry to develop the new programme on HR Analytic which will be added to CIPM study programme in the future.

Panel discussion was held with the participation of Mr Aruna Jayasekara Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Sampath Bank PLC, Mr Sampath Jayasundara CEO/ Director, hsenid, Ms Chandi Dharmarathne HR Director, Virtusa, Mr Janaka Kumarasinghe Executive Director, Kentridge Pvt Ltd & Mr Chathurange Lead Data Evangelist, MAS Capital (Pvt) Ltd. Session was moderated by Mr Priyantha Ranasinghe Director HR, Coca Cola.

  • YEAR 12-06-2019
CIPM Sri Lanka